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The Supernatural Fleet is YOURS. And it needs you.

When you donate to the Fleet, you buy buttons, stickers, dog tags, envelopes, postage, and paper. You buy hope and send it to people in the dark. Every cent you give will end up in Hunters' hands, showing them they aren't alone, they are stronger than they think, and they have what it takes to kick their monsters' asses.

We know your money is hard-earned. We believe that amounts don't matter and that the best giver is a happy one. If you are happy to donate, we are ready to turn that happy money into happy hope. If donating will stress you, have a warm hug from us and know we love you.

There are many Hunters huddled in the dark, waiting for us to propel light into their corners so they can see the way out. From every one of them we say: THANK YOU!

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